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You can contact your doctor from the comfort of your home in any convenient way, such as a phone, tablet, or laptop. Using a video chat, call, or email, the doctor can diagnose you and prescribe treatment. Just a few minutes of registration on VIP Doctor on Demand portal, and you’ll get access to our online network of medical consultants. You can consult a therapist or other specialists from your phone, tablet, or computer. Certified specialists are ready to answer you 24/7, 365. After the doctor makes a diagnosis by phone or video chat and prescribes treatment, he (she) can send the medication to the pharmacy where it is most convenient for you. With VIP Doctor on Demand, you will get a full Board of certified doctors without even leaving your home!
Our goal is to provide this service to every American who needs it. We love our country, we love protecting its citizens, and people, in turn, love what we do.

Why Telemedicine is the Future of Health Care?
They say an average trip to the doctors, even with medical insurance, costs you about $50 every time you go and thats not including specialists. This factors in the average drive time of 35 minutes, the mandatory co-pay, the time it takes for the actual meeting, plus the cost of any medication you might need to take.

What is telemedicine? Telemedicine uses modern technologies of doctor-patient communication. With phone calls, video chats, or emails, anyone can get the necessary medical care right from their favorite home chair. You will get advice, diagnostics, and all the necessary medications faster and with less effort.

What can be cured with telemedicine?
Over 50 Medical Conditions Treated Over the Phone of Computer!
Common cold
Ear Problems
Insect Bites
Pink Eye
Respiratory Problems
Sore throat
UTI (Adult Females, 18+)
and more.

Physician will not treat newborn or children less than two years of age. Telemedicine is designed to handle non-emergency medical problems. You should NOT use it if you are experiencing a medical emergency, you should dial 9 1 1.

So, if you value your time and money, use the services of VIP Doctor On Demand.
Just follow the link below to the VIP Doctor on Demand portal. There you can find answers to any question you are interested in and choose the Payplan you need.

Connect to a Doctor Any Time Using Your Phone, Tablet, or Computer! Video Chat, Call, Text, Or Email For Instant Diagnoses, Treatments and More!

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