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Now Plus size fashionistas have more options than ever. Away are the days of boxy clothes that hide their bodies. Now, through the power of social media and international trade, plus-size women are being heard and served. Designers and retailers are at long last discovering that curvy girls also want cute clothes. Plus-size women have money to spend. And they’ve been underserved so long that it’s easy to get a little out of hand with their shopping. Plus-size clothing sales are increasing at double the rate of overall apparel sales. For a long time, people thought that their thicker sisters were all alike and that their bodies were shapeless and shameful. The internet changed everything. Designers and manufacturers get direct feedback from the people they want to serve and they are responding with more, better, and faster access. When buying online, there is still a risk of spending your money on ugly rag. But reviews, low prices, and cheap shipping reduce the threat of wasted money. Through fashion, people can find avenues to express themselves. They can communicate without words. That is a powerful tool for living the life you want. LovelyWholesale is a competitive fashion e-commerce platform, providing wide range of women&men clothing at preferential wholesale prices. Women clothing: dresses, tops, bottoms, denim, jumpsuits, twopieces, swimwear, plus size, accessories and other fashion items.

Exclusive Plus Size (Sale)

Plus Size Sale

Plus Size Sale

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Plus Size Swimwear

Summer Plus

Trendy plus size clothing. Dresses, skirts, t-shirts, blouses, pants, lingerie.

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